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55 $ 19 . Please state the condition. 22 caliber pellets or . com : NEW Benjamin Hand Pump 3x O-Ring Rebuild Kit : Sports & Outdoors. My wife just drug this orphan home and I've always had a soft spot for Benjamin products. 67 List Price $19. Benjamin PCP Hand Pump. The Benjamin High Pressure Hand Pump has a universal adapter and works with the Benjamin Marauder, Benjamin Discovery and the Crosman PCP Challenger. If it had a swing arm pump Benjamin Air Guns. Call before shipping. There's also a replacement valve available. Pellet, single shot with under lever pump and wood grips (no crack) Made in USA 1 Holster alone is pure leather and market cost is $190. 2,564 Warranty repair station for Benjamin-Sheridan and Crosman. My mother in law's husband owned this gun when he was a kid. you can get parts from crossman. 5 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews 2 ratings Current Price $16. Also possible that the gun has been overpressured,(more than 8 pumps) in which case the air chamber has been expanded and will never hold air. 95. Broadway Linton, North Dakota 58552 Email: [email protected] RESEAL / REPAIR / Seal Kit for Benjamin 310, 312, 317 Air Rifles - $46. pellet, single shot w/ under lever pump, black finish, carbine, w/ rocker safety Rifle 1994-1997 If that label on the pump did not say "Airforce" I would have sworn that was a Benjamin pump. Jul 02, 2019 · The Benjamin Variable Pump air rifle uses the traditional 392/7 action. With Captain O-Rings printable o-ring replacement guide, simply size up o-rings with the guide and replace with the sizes indicated in the guide. Be sure to invest in shooting glasses and other essentials and accessories for safe shooting. Never exceed the number of pumps specified for your air gun (usually eight or ten). Model S392 Pneumatic, . Then I slid out the piston. 4 WAYS HOW TO REUSE OLD  4 Oct 2017 Thanks for watching. Sports n Hobbies Philippines 6,513 views · 48:30. com/Benjamin-Crosman-Oring-Kits?_rdc=1 has Kits for Benjamin, Crosman. Reseal Kit for Benjamin 340, 342, 347 Air Rifles Beware of lesser quality seal kits! Our seal kits are guaranteed to work. 397 Bring that old BB gun back to life! We repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, and are an authorized warranty repair center. Benjamin 312 Piston Rod Assembly : Re-soldering the Benjamin 312 Rifle barrel back to the pump tube. We’re also ready to help diagnose problems with your existing sprinkler or irrigation system pump and help you find the best repair or replacement for it. Remove the pins and screws that contain the retention cap at the back of the airgun's receiver. "Scout" Air rifles and custom trigger jobs on Benjamin C9, 397,392,F9 series. This versatile hand pump was specifically designed to fit the Crosman/Benjamin PCP pistols and rifles, but it will also work with any brand of PCP gun with a male Foster quick-disconnect on its reservoir. com. A-Hycar Pump Washer When looking for the best in performance and long-lasting accuracy, there are only a few names which immediately come to mind. The robust forearm makes it easier to pump, too – they say. That’s because these are examples we have been supplied by a Crosman Repair Center. Today Crosman Air Gun company owns the Benjamin line of airguns. If the owner’s manual lists eight pumps as the maximum number, follow that advice. James Luo  1 Feb 2016 Have a Benjamin hand pump? and reassembly so that you can avoid the high repair cost and shipping to get the pump fixed elsewhere. S. Baker Airguns https://www. After ordering an RWS 34 to play with I came across a rebuild kit from Pyramyd air that cost about $28 including the special tool to take them apart (I was quoted $100 to rebuild it years ago). Our Specialty is Field Target and Benchrest Competition Gear that is State of the Art Quality & Performance. 75. Steroid Benjamin & Sheridan Air Benjamin Sheridan rifles represent a long tradition in air guns. With sights, rubberized grips and durable construction, these air guns are perfect for small game, pests and backyard practice. From the start, the company produced air rifles that were intended for use by adults. Should make it last a lot longer for not a lot of money. 32001 Owner's Manual & EVP (2013) 32003 Owner's Manual & EVP (2013) 32040 Owner's Manual & EVP (2013-Present) 32091 Owner's Manual & EVP (2013) 33005 Owner's Manual & EVP (2013) 340 Owner's Manual (1968-1986) See all 91 articles Benjamin and Sheridan Air Pistols. Just a few comparisons. Buy Captain O-Ring - Benjamin & Air Force PCP Hand Pump ORing Rebuild Kit ( Polyurethane Piston O-Ring Upgrade): Automotive - Amazon. in: Garden & Outdoors. com ✓ FREE  Amazon. ST Lois MO. AirGunSeals. Crosman offers a free service to locate independent air gun shops that repair out of warranty air guns. Repairs Benjamin, Crosman, Daisy and Sheridan airguns. Benjamin Air Guns. May 07, 2019 · Acquired by Crosman in 1992, Benjamin air rifles have been around since 1882 when Walter A Benjamin of St Louis Missouri launched it. These kits fit Benjamin 392 and 397 air rifles manufactured since 1997 that have plastic trigger assemblies. Manufactured by Crosman, the Benjamin line of air rifles have been giving casual shooters and serious hunters alike a variety of options while raising the bar across the board in terms of performance and features. Delivers 3500 PSI, has a integral pressure gauge, and includes a female Foster quick disconnection at the end of the pump hose. Many of these air rifles are single shot with a single cartridge that uses CO2 to fire the pellet. 177 caliber pellets. If you cannot repair your airgun yourself you can send it to our Authorized airgun repair center for repair, and we'll deduct the cost of the seal kit you purchased from the total on your repair I picked up the lower pistol, a later Benjamin 137 (. Crosman  Captain O-Ring - Benjamin & Air Force PCP Hand Pump ORing Rebuild Kit ( Polyurethane Piston O-Ring Upgrade): Amazon. 177) Lothar Walther Barrel, PCP Powered, Multi-Shot Bolt Action Air Rifle (Model: BP1764RLW) Model(s): BP1764RLW Benjamin 312 Rebuild Service . You can probably do the work yourself if you obtain the valve tool and parts. He told me that his dad bought it down the street from their house at a local gun shop in Falls City, NE. RESEAL / REPAIR / Seal Kit for Benjamin 340, 342, 347 Air Rifles - $38. There is a lot of places,does anyone have experienced getting one repaired. These are new, but old stock and may have very minor blemishes. Air Venture Airguns Tel 562-867-6355. 177 cal) earlier in the year. The Benjamin pump-action air rifle could shoot round shot or darts between 300 and 400 feet per second, with just a few pumps of the gun’s lever! Benjamin’s airguns were originally manufactured by the Wissler Instrument Company; however by 1889 Walter Benjamin began manufacturing pellet rifles under his own company name, the St. Integral air pressure gauge; 3 stage pump; Find out what you can do with a Benjamin hand pump. whats it worth Benjamin Franklin air rifle 317 faif condition In Fair Condition: If it has a muzzle pump rod it is worth between $70 to $95. Pyramyd Air Report Blog ; Smith Airgun Repair. Repair kit fits these multi-pump guns made after 1995 & they have a compression tube that slides out of the assembly & does not need a special tool (has a cartridge valve & the valve is NOT soldered). This is similar to the model 310, 317, 342, 347, and some 392 and 397. I like to use a T-Handle, I have tried to use a 1/4" rod but at times the 1/4" rod has too little leverage, the valve nut can be extremely tight, when this happens a large crescent wrench or a large t-handle gives Benjamin eXTREME Air Gun Pellets 357 Caliber 145 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Box of 25 Benjamin & Air Force PCP Hand Pump 3X O-Ring Rebuild Kit with pick and lube 5 out of 5 stars 1 product rating 1 product ratings - Benjamin & Air Force PCP Hand Pump 3X O-Ring Rebuild Kit with pick and lube Benjamin and Sheridan Air Rifles. Air Force Pump is same as Benjamin Pump. If you cannot repair your airgun yourself you can send it to our Authorized airgun repair center for repair, and we'll deduct the cost of the seal kit you purchased from the total on your repair. It is a Benjamin Franklin Air Rifle model 317. But every PCP airgun – not just Crosman/Benjamin models – suffers from this problem. Benjamin Franklin Air Rifle Here is my new toy. The first products are a seal kit and a screw kit. The LD MKI is the legendary conversion to the Crosman MKI that makes for an accurate Hunting Pistol. Pro Sport, 22 FX-T12, 22 Sam Yang Recluse 357 CZ 200S, 177 2 RWS mod. Valve Tool only available here. 22 cal. Kirk Hajek – (949) 310-9789. The seal was in surprisingly good shape. We do have limited parts for this Rifle We make the seals in limited numbers. Benjamin Sheridan Rebuild Repair Kit, Some Pre-1995 Multi-Pumps with Soldered Valve. Expert Repairs on Crosman Sheridan and Benjamin air guns . We work on vintage airguns such as Benjamin, Crosman and Sheridans. Aug 04, 2018 · I haven’t done it to mine. The Benjamin High Pressure Hand Pump is a 3 stage high pressure air pump is specially designed to fill airguns. My Dad gave it back to me for Christmas and it's like brand new at this point, with 8 pumps it'll penetrate a couple pieces of 1" pine from 25' away. Full pump tear-down and rebuild. You simply order the appropriate “ Repair Parts Buy(s) ” from our online store. Mac1 Airgun Distributors Online Click and Buy Shop is mac1airgunshop. Shop available Benjamin Air Rifle parts today! We've been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. com is the best there is to repair benjamins. You can find PCP airgun corrosion in any make of airgun! Above. See the link below. KIt can also be found at http://stores. Current production Benjamin airguns are designed in the timeless tradition of Benjamin rifles and many of these respected rifles are proudly made in the USA. May 11, 2019 · The Benjamin 397 is a very loud air rifle, with a recognizable pop when firing. He subsequently started the Benjamin Air Rifle Company in 1902. U. 4 out of 5 stars 15 $13. Feb 08, 2009 · Tim Mcmurray @ mac1airgun. Reseal Kit for Benjamin 310, 312, 317 Air Rifles Beware of lesser quality seal kits! Our seal kits are guaranteed to work. 20 Air Rifle Full 2X Color Coded Captain O-Ring Rebuild Kit 4. com specializes in airgun seal kits for many manufacturers including Benjamin-Sheridan, Crosman, Beeman, Industry Brand, Weihrauch, AirArms, Shanghai Airgun Factory and others. 31 Mar 2019 and re-assembly of a High Pressure 3-stage Water Cooled Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Hand pump. ) Rifle 1993-1996 Model 397C Pneumatic, . Archer Airguns holds many repair parts in stock for Benjamin Discovery air rifles and we’re less than 20 miles from the Crosman factory so we can obtain more very rapidly if required. Crosman 1377 Repair - Would not hold air « on: April 12, 2010, 03:43:44 PM » My old 1377, purchased sometime around 1983 or 1984, finally gave up the ghost and wouldn't hold a pump. Mine is still working fine since the repair but a visible inspection of the orings you mentioned showed that they are already starting to wear and will most likely Marked on Barrel Benjamin Franklin And On Cocking Knob Benjamin Air Rifle CO. Sheridan Air Rifles are manufactured by Benjamin/Sheridan of USA. It may be necessary to push out the assembly from the front of the tube: Benjamin 397 & 392 guns as well as Sheridan C9 (Silver Streak) & CB9 (Blue Streak). The 3 stage high pressure air pump is specially designed to fill PCP airguns. 55 Re: Benjamin Hand Pump - Sun Optics Repair Instructions by Bruce Jarrett » Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:10 am The brass cap on the end of the filter is the brass screen that was on the pump. http Nov 14, 2009 · I have a benjamin franklin 22 cal. Benjamin 132 Valve Nut Tool This tool can be used with a Tap-T Handle, 3/8 Open End Wrench, Crescent Wrench or a 1/4 Screw Driver. I used to repair a lot of Benjamins. Beware of lesser quality seal kits! Our seal kits are guaranteed to work. The Benjamin 3 stage high pressure air pump is specially designed to fill PCP Walmart Protection Plans cover the total cost of repair, or replacement, for  i worked for him repairing the benjamin / air force / gun power (uk) hand pumps , and then did warehouse work. Benjamin air rifles use either BB pellets, . From youngsters learning to use their first Benjamin pellet gun to experienced marksmen using an advanced Benjamin Sheridan The Benjamin high pressure hand pump is a 3 stage model specifically designed for Crosman and Benjamin PCP rifles, pistols, or any PCP model that has a Foster quick disconnect on its reservoir. Note that the valve retainer nut has a beveled You can buy a Benjamin repair kit to fix many of the common problems that arise with these rifles. Watch our video to learn more about the re: Benjamin pellet gun repair advice/help needed Posted by Chris4x4gill2 on 4/13/11 at 12:42 pm to terd ferguson An older Benjamin likely has a leather seal vs a felt. These are hard to remove, need a special punch and is really best left to somebody with an airgunsmithing shop. com if you want to try and fix it yourself, and they also have diagrams and instuctions on Reseal Kit for Benjamin 310, 312, 317 Air Rifles. As we locate additional providers, we'll update this list. We are a Crosman Authorized Repair Center. A. Parts and tune kits. 's") Benjamin 132 was purchased in November and happily doesn't work at all! So I'm going to tear into it. We also clean, degrease and oil your airgun, and will make that old bb or pellet gun shoot like it was young again! Benjamin & Sheridan Repair Kit, Fits Some Pre-1995 Multi-Pump Guns w/Soldered Valve Sale Price: $27. If that doesn’t work give Rick Welnicker a call at 717-382-1481 or E-Mail at airgunshop@Aol. If you decide to rebuild your Benjamin, you will need to have ‘THE TOOL’, which is available from Bryan & Associates and other suppliers, to This is a smooth forearm pump handle for Benjamin 340, 342, and 347 air rifles. pump pellet rifle model 312? have been on the computer for a couple of hours looking for a repair shop. Others are pneumatic single shot rifles that utilize a lever pump action mechanism rather than CO2 to fire pellets. It was overhauled in the 80’s and its been fine since. 177 cal. Includes Piston Piston Oil Wick AGS Airgun Oil Three 90d O-rings . Benjamin Air Rifles - Various Models. CR Nitro Piston, Fits Select Benjamin & Crosman Air Rifles Airgun Repair This is not a comprehensive list of all airgun repair stations or authorized repair places. Smith & Wesson, Benjamin/Sheridan, Umarex, Logan, Colt, Beretta, Walther and others. The items in the webstore are IN STOCK- as in on the shelf and ready to ship . 67 $ 16 . 89 $ 13 . Benjamin Hand Pump Repair Benjamin Hand Pump Repair. PHOXX Mfg. The repair kit provides common spare parts you may need to replace. 00. duane taught me an awful lot about airguns,  Seal kit parts for multi pump Benjamin 392 and 397 air rifles. The PCP Pump has a universal adapter and works with the Benjamin Marauder,  3-stage pump designed for pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airguns; Features universal adaptor for fitting Crosman and Benjamin airguns; Sturdy grips, foot plate  Steroid Benjamin & Sheridan Air Rifles are in a class of their own for power and long Benjamin Rebuild Kit-Pre78 Kit to rebuild Benjamin multi-pump rifles. Product includes a link to our printable o-ring replacement guide, making replacing your o-rings easier than ever; Includes all o-rings needed to rebuild your  The 3 stage high pressure air pump is specially designed to fill PCP airguns. The Benjamin 3 stage high pressure air pump is specially designed to fill PCP airguns. 26 Jan 2014 How To Repair PCP Hand Pump l Theory - Duration: 48:30. The PCP Pump has a universal adapter and works with the Benjamin Marauder,  Buy Benjamin & Sheridan Repair Kit, Fits Some Pre-1995 Multi-Pump Guns w/ Soldered Valve at Pyramyd Air from convenience of your home. These kits make it easy to find the parts you need to repair or reseal an old Benjamin multi pump pellet gun. 90. Explore this selection to find air rifles, air pistols and hunting air guns for recreational use. BTN217SX Owner's Manual & EVP Take out the factory "filter" in the base of the pump and put in the adapter and new filter/drier. If you need parts shoot us an email : Benjamin 312 Flat-top Piston . The valves are shot and have to be replaced, also the pump. Exact same internals as my Benjamin pump (and apparently the same shoddy build quality). From a prototype pneumatic tyre Inflator under the long established name of NestHill, to our current offering of the EC-3000 Electric Air Compressor and the MK4 Hill PCP Air Gun Pumps and Accesories, our name has been synonomous with fine quality for over 175 years. Also known as Benjamin Air Rifle Company was formed in 1902 by Walter Benjamin. P. Pumps Model 112 Pneumatic . When pumping up a multi-pump, make sure that you do not twist the pump handle as you operate it. Note: the Benjamin and Sheridan exhaust body are completely interchangeable. Original factory replacement spare parts for Xisico XS28M air rifles. Today this all American company continues to … Re: Benjamin Hand Pump - Sun Optics Repair Instructions by Bruce Jarrett » Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:12 am I've been using a Benjamin pump for about 2 weeks now and I'm starting to have the same problem with the handle hard to pull up. You posted your question on a blog that was written in Sept 2005. Louis Air One last thing, I usually put the pump assembly in before the valve components; it’s just easier for me to adjust the pump rod length that way, without any possible back pressure from the valve. Jul 31, 2008 · Benjamin 317 Rifle Disassembly, Part 1 And removed the pump arm. I'd love to resurrect this but initial searches have left me cold. Many of our Service Centers will happily sell the hard-to-find repair parts to do-it-yourselfers or you may ship your airgun to them if the center is not located nearby. Crosman Benjamin 392/397 / Sheridan C9 Silver Streak / CB9 Blue Streak 1995-2016 . 8 Feb 2009 TMac's will service and repair paintball guns, antique air guns, obsolete 25 pump BB gun that he got when he was 7 or 8 years old. AirGunsNirvana Repair and Maintenance for Xin Yong Shi PCP pump 4500PSI - Duration: 10:31. Our current generation Hill MK4 PCP Air Rifle Pump is: Product Title Benjamin 22cal 8-shot Spare Magazine for Marauder Wo Average rating: 4. The gun ends up at his repair shop and it takes him 2 years to track down the original Benjamin parts and to get it fixed. ebay. However, the new Monte Carlo-style synthetic stock is said by the manufacturer to shrug off inclement weather better than the traditional wood. . Fast turn around time. Feb 06, 2014 · Video of the dis-assembly of the Benjamin, or Benjamin Franklin, model 312. Benjamin Franklin 137 parts and rebuild / resurrection I modified this to cover rebuilding my BFs. Benjamin Automatic With thanks to Sean Campbell, imaging manager of the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West in Cody, Wyoming, for permission to post these pics of a gun held in the Cody Firearms Museum. According to the markings on the gun, it was made in the USA. The upper pistol, a pre-1952 (according to Fletcher's "The Saint Louis & Benjamin Air Rifle Co. 48s, 177, & 22 2 Benjamin Marauders 22, & 25 Benjamin Trail NPXL1100 Benjamin Pump mod. Call (800) 259-7705! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is proud to have locally owned and operated locations throughout the United States. Unfortunately it works fine. Feb 16, 2018 · Its pretty easy. Parts List. Benjamin has been a trusted brand in airguns for decades and their airguns are known for accuracy and durability. Replacing the o-rings in your Benjamin / Air Force PCP Hand Pump has never been easier. As one of the top American air rifle brands, they are known for their amazing reliability and durability. Jun 18, 2020 · A hand pump is generally the same as the bicycle pump, but instead of pumping the tire, you pump the air reservoir of the PCP gun. If you cannot repair your airgun yourself you can send it to our Authorized airgun repair center for repair, and we'll deduct the cost of the seal kit you purchased from the total on your repair Benjamin Franklin rebuild The first gun given to me was a Benjamin . crosman archer airguns. pellet, single shot w/ under lever pump, w/ modified sear & stock spring (2nd var. A. 89 Benjamin Marauder Regulated (. If not used/ maintained the leather will dry out ans shrink, meaning no pressure buildup. Although JGAirguns has been a full service airgun repair and parts supply business since 1993, now our primary business is supplying airgun parts, pellet gun parts, and BB gun, Spring Piston,CO2, Pneumatic airguns parts to repair shops and hobbyists. 22 cal air rifle when I was 11 but it has been dead for years due to worn out parts. Schematic w/ Parts List Benjamin Air Rifles 340, 342, 347 Schematic w/ Parts List. We really appreciate this classic airguns, they were well built, accurate and great shooters. It’s recommended that you do not pump more than 5 minutes and let the pump cool down 15 minutes between pumping sessions to prevent overheating. Experience the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Difference. I know it's probably silly but I'm essentially retired so cut me some slack on this. Remove the trigger guard screw and take off the rear part of the stock. We are airgun enthusiast and also publish the Airgun Hobbyist Magazine. Mach-1. Better is the Benjamin exhaust body which has just the port. General repair includes all seals, valve springs and oil. Sep 21, 2005 · Hi anonymous, Pick up some Crosman Pellgun Oil and give you gun a squirt or two around the pump head and a couple of drops on the probe’s O-ring. Box 716 200 S. To use the locator, please choose the brand of your product, the model number (if known) and enter your location (zip code or city/state). Manufacturers are moving onto precharged pneumatic air rifles, so there is a good chance that in the future air rifles with built in pump mechanisms will be replaced by the newer air rifles that have a separate pump. The problem is that the pump mechanism is held in place by roll pins. As close as UPS. The PCP Pump has a universal adapter and works with Benjamin Marauders, Discovery, Armada, Crosman PCP Challenger, 1720T, 1701P, Bulldog, Fortitude, Maximus, Rogue and Pioneer. Repair kit fits these multi-pump guns made before 1995 (they have a soldered valve): Benjamin 397, 392, 340, 342 & 347 guns as well as Sheridan C9 (Silver Streak) & CB9 (Blue Streak). Benjamin Air Guns Air Rifles 347. Hill Pumps of Sheffield, UK. Kris Hajek – (815) 217-1068 Aug 13, 2018 · Note that our photographs happen to show corrosion in Benjamin and Crosman airguns. Jan 29, 2019 · This design is great for repair, since it's impossible to improperly align the body; however, this increases the air volume which reduces the power output. I did have to replace the link spring and I’ve worked on other Benjamin and Sheridan guns. This drastically reduces the time and effort spent rebuilding your pump Air Guns. pump should be cleaned yearly at least, more often is better . Our Hunter and US FT air rifles are meant to be used in Extreme Benchrest. O. benjamin air pump repair